sur le chemin unravels the rules of fashion, with garments that go beyond the rush of seasons, trends and time.
Our clothes are contemporary with no use-by-dates. Playful collaborations conceived around a shared love of simplicity. We create your new favorites woven from old memories, designed to outlive every other piece in your wardrobe.

This is a collection built slowly, piece by piece, for humans who long to live, move and consume consciously. Made in Europe, with materials and manufacturers that care for people and the planet. We offer sincere clothes that evolve with every wear and wash. With pin-tucks, pockets and pipings that are too beautiful to hide, each shirt, knit and chino is an esthetic retort to fast fashion.

In a fast consuming world where clothing is a commodity, created, sold and consumed in haste, we prefer freedom and simplicity. It’s why we take our time to care for details. Why we choose local craftsmanship and create garments with long lives. We design honest clothes, make them in honest ways, and sell them at honest prices. Obviously, it costs us a little more. But it costs the planet a whole lot less.

sur le chemin creates timelessness and offers you the favorites that you will always want to carry for life’s journey.

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