During the process of designing the uniforms for Villa Copenhagen words such
as approachable and casual, yet sophisticated, have been of importance.
We wanted to challenge the conventional uniform by creating a capsule collection
with garments closer connected to your everyday wardrobe. Some kind of everyday chic.

It is important for Hotel Villa that the guest feels like part of a community than
rather simply being at a hotel. They should get the feeling of being part of the
local neighbourhood and get a taste of the Copenhagen way of life.
With that in mind we wanted the staff to reflect Copenhagen. We want them to
dress differently within a design frame, so the guest is met with diversity and
personality. So in the collection you will both meet the feeling of Vesterbro,
the local neighbourhood representing the more young generation and Copenhagen K,
the more classical area of the city. Due to the hotels location it has one foot in each area.

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