Hotel Villa Copenhagen

During the process of designing the uniforms for Villa Copenhagen words such as approachable and casual, yet sophisticated, have been of importance. We wanted to challenge the conventional uniform by creating a capsule collection with garments closer connected to your...

Tow with the flow

Together with ART 2030, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen has created a largescale performance project incorporating Goals 4, 8, 10 and 12. Taking the form of a sculptural performance, the work shines a critical light on the Western World's over-consumption, with a particular...

Conscious choices

“Life is a unique journey full of choices. With sur le chemin we present our contribution to conscious choices. Deeply committed and travelling light, we offer our favorites that you will want to carry for your life’s journey.”

Favourite no. 01

Introducing `sur le chemin favorites´ Clothing has always been closely connected to a person’s identity and very often they remind us of certain moments in our lives. Often, garments that immediately do not command our attention, are those which become more appealing...

Knit favourites

Knitted merino wool essentials - our all time favourite for those cold winter months. Made of Woolmark certified merino wool spun in Italy and knitted in Bulgary.

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