Staff uniform design for Enigma – Museum for Communication.

In the design process of the museum's uniform we defined the museum's visual identity, with the aim of creating an uniform that symbolizes knowledge and friendliness.

We explored how the individual wearer can show personale identity, while still being a part of the unity of the Enigma Museum.


The museum's own uniform collection has been an important source of inspiration during the design process. Both the daily, practical use, but also the postal service's historic gala uniforms, with particular focus on the well-crafted craftsmanship and the pride that lay in this work.


From a sustainable point of view, we have worked with concepts such as longevity and functionality - including a focus on fit.

Parts of the collection have been produced locally in Denmark, in collaboration with Rodinia Generation and Studio Soriano, where up-cycled materials have been used.

This including a printed scarf with artwork by the Danish artist Gudrun Hasle.

Sketch by sur le chemin Design Studio.