Clothing has always been closely connected to a person’s identity and very often they remind us of certain moments in our lives. Often, garments that immediately do not command our attention, are those which become more appealing and beautiful with use. In today’s society, a major part of this originality and identity-building have disappeared in favor of massproduction and overconsumption.

`Sur le chemin favourites´ are about remembering something familiar or lost, re-creating it in a contemporary context.

Through dialogue with our end consumers, we will try to discover what it is that makes a specific garment into a favourite – that piece you can’t let og off and that becomes a part of your journey through life. It´s not about fashion, but long lasting style, and the importance of giving a garment a longer lifespan.

These are the favourites selected by Jesper Elg (Gallery V1 and Eighteen) and Josephine Philip (musician) photographed in their home at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.