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Want to know what the press has said about sur le chemin? Here are a few articles written about sur le chemin and creative director Kjetil Aas.

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Press brief: This is sur le chemin

At sur le chemin we strive to slow down the pace in today’s fashion industry, creating clothing that are timeless and will survive over time. It is all about being relevant regardless of trends.

We do not produce the traditional seasonal 2, 4 or even more collections a year, but try to find a new way to work within an industry as for the last decades have ended up having a speed that is no longer sustainable.

This meaning that we are developing a base of essentials, that consist of styles such as the classic oxford shirt, t-shirts, and chinos. Around this base, we build the collection piece by piece – presenting the different styles to the market on a regular basis throughout the year.

Working this way we are able to be more true to season, have close to no overproduction and avoid sales. Furthermore, all this leads to less overconsumption.

There are especially three subjects that are important for us when it comes to a more sustainable fashion industry:

– Slowness
– Less overproduction, less overconsumption
– Quality

We strive to use sustainably sourced fabrics as much as possible, meaning that all cotton in our essential program are organically sourced.

If we fail to find a sustainable alternative in the wanted quality, we will always choose a high-quality material. This because we believe that a product that lasts a long time at all times is the most sustainable choice.

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